New Fathers Support Group

Becoming a new father is a joyous and amazing experience, however it can also be stressful and overwhelming to new parents. Parenthood is a difficult concept to comprehend; you are now responsible for a whole life.  The additional responsibility is very hard on new fathers and without a support group to confide in, parenthood can seem unmanageable. Having a support group or system can help new fathers learn from other’s experiences and apply it to their lives.

Whether your issues are how to deal with juggling your priorities, lack of sleep or even just the concept of having a new born, having a place for men to share their trials and tribulations with can help. This is why at Wolff Psychotherapy we understand how difficult and strenuous parenting can be and offer group therapy sessions for all new fathers. Our new fathers support group can help you manage the stress of being a new father.

We believe that group therapy, similar to individual therapy can be a powerful vehicle for growth, development and change. The advice and life lessons group members learn from each other combined with the opportunity to work through issues with other people whom share similar concerns make group therapy unique and effective. This is the philosophy behind the New Fathers Support Group at Wolff Psychotherapy. We give new fathers the chance to converse with people that have been there and have shared similar concerns. This can be a tremendous opportunity to learn from others and improve yourself as a father and a person.

Coming to Wolff Psychotherapy with your parenting concerns can be the first step in helping your child lead a healthy lifestyle. Every issue in parenting can be crucial to your child’s development and at Wolff Psychotherapy we help parents make the right choices for themselves and their children.

We know how difficult and overwhelming being a new father can be and our staff is fully trained to help alleviate some of the stress of being a new parent.

Contact Glenn Wolff, LCSW at Wolff Psychotherapy, at 203 249 3313 for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your parenting concerns and determine if working together will be helpful for you. Or you can visit our website at