Group Therapy – Children & Teens

“The relationship that develops between the therapist and the patient is very important. The child or adolescent must feel comfortable, safe and understood. This type of trusting environment makes it much easier for the child to express his/her thoughts and feelings and to use the therapy in a helpful way.”

Social Skills Group for Boys, 8–11

Is your son having trouble making friends in school? This group is designed to help your son learn and develop positive social skills including reading social cues, displaying empathy, and active listening. This group is specifically for boys in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

Children/Teens of Divorce

Is your child or teen having trouble with changes in the family due to separation or divorce? This group provides a place for your child or teen to talk about feelings related to family divorce. For children, the group is activities based including artwork, role play, and creative writing.

Middle School Boys Group

Is your son having difficulty adjusting to new academic and social demands in middle school? This group is designed for boys who are grappling with academic and social issues, as well as with bodily changes associated with puberty.

Coed Teen Group

Are you feeling pressure from friends or parents? Feeling depressed and anxious? Have questions about college and future plans? This group provides a safe and confidential place for teens to talk openly with other teens who share similar concerns.

Teen Boy Anger Management Group

Is your son easily triggered, tending to fly off the handle at the smallest provocation? This group is both educational and supportive, teaching boys positive coping and anger management skills.

Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your concerns and determine if working together will be helpful for you.