Anger Management

Everyone gets angry or upset from time to time, it is natural. The most important and at times potentially dangerous part of being angry is how me manage that anger. Our reactions to things that anger or irritate us help define who we are and if we react poorly can be a detriment to our well-being. Anger management is an important part of life; anger must be dealt with and managed in a healthy way. Over time every person develops a strategy to manage the things in life that upset them, and it becomes part of our coping mechanism to help deal with that anger.

It is when we do not treat anger in a healthy way that it can fester and become something very damaging to you and potentially dangerous to others. Untreated or repressed anger can surface in different ways; we all react to anger in our own way. The potential damaging ramifications of unmanaged anger can reverberate and affect how we interact with our families and people around us.  We all need a strategy in dealing with those things that make us angry, and at Wolff Psychotherapy we help you develop that strategy. Glenn Wolff, owner of Wolff Psychotherapy, gives you the tools to control your anger, and the keys to healthy anger management.

No one is more qualified to handle anger management among people of any age than the educated staff at Wolff Psychotherapy. At Wolff Psychotherapy we offer top-level treatment combining experience and knowledge to provide the best psychotherapy and counseling to children, adolescents, adults, and families.

Mr. Wolff is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing psychotherapy and counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, and families, with a special interest and expertise in the treatment of adolescents and young adults. The modalities of treatment include individual therapygroup therapy for children and teens and group therapy for adults.

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