Child ADHD

Does your child have trouble focusing and paying attention to the most basic of instructions? Does he or she exhibit extreme hyperactivity in public, at school, or at home? Then, your child may struggle with ADHD, a condition that affects 8 to 10 percent of school-age children. It is an issue that significantly affects both a child and his parent’s livelihood on a daily basis. The condition is problematic because it negatively impacts a child’s ability to function socially, academically, and at home. Children with ADHD have trouble sitting still in one place, completing basic tasks, often lose or misplace items, and act disruptively on a regular basis.

Yes, many children display these behaviors from time to time. However, a child with ADHD exhibits these symptoms regularly for at least a 6 month period. As a parent, you must understand that your child does not act this way intentionally. He or she has extreme difficulty controlling their behavior. It is a condition that has to be managed and dealt with appropriately in order for your child to experience a real change in behavior.

Thankfully, no one is more qualified to treat child ADHD than the educated staff at Wolff Psychotherapy. At Wolff Psychotherapy we offer top-level treatment, combining experience and knowledge to provide the best psychotherapy and counseling to children, adolescents, adults, and families.

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