Child and Teen Academic Underachievement

Academic Underachievement Academic Underachievement Can Be Difficult to Deal With

Underachievement in school is a problem that begins at an early age. Most children demonstrate symptoms of disinterest or descriptiveness as early as their first day in school. This indifference to academic development can grow exponentially and become a detriment to a child’s development and life successes. It is an issue that if not caught at an early age can have severe ramifications for the child involved. Teens and children that are not helped with this issue can lose interest in school, and become unmotivated to excel in other aspects of their life. The importance of excelling in school is a notion that must be expressed to children as soon as negative symptoms arise.

The most difficult aspect of child and teen academic underachievement is targeting what the cause is. Origins for underachieving in school can stem from a wide range of causes. Whether it is “in-class” disruptions (i.e. school bullying), problems at home or a psychological issue; they can all cause a lack of motivation and significant underachievement. That is why it is important to not allow your children to slip through the cracks and suffer from academic underachievement. It becomes crucial if your child is experiencing problems excelling in their classes that you speak to a professional that is trained to identify the cause and help rectify the situation.

Fortunately, no one is more qualified to handle academic issues among children, teens and adolescents than the well-trained staff at Wolff Psychotherapy. At Wolff Psychotherapy we offer top level treatment combining experience and knowledge to provide the best psychotherapy and counseling to children and teen that have been suffering with issues at school.

At Wolff Psychotherapy we help children and teens cope with academic underachievement and develop a strategy to get your children back on track at school. We take the time to target a child or teens’ reason for not doing well at school and resolve that issue. So they can move pass the issue and begin to excel within the academic world.

Our training and experience cover a wide range of areas including depression, anxiety, difficulty with interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, trauma, and grief and loss. Our treatment approach is eclectic, using a combination of insight-oriented, family systems, and cognitive-behavioral therapies. So our team is prepared to handle school bullying or any other issue related to your children.

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